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Fruit, Pastries, Sandwiches, Snacks or Seafood

Platters are a great way enjoy meal time or the in-between meal times. 
Our fruit or pastry platters are a fresh way to kick off the day or enjoy as a mid morning brunch. 
The sandwich or wrap platters make for the perfect lunch, allowing more time to enjoy your midday activities. These will load you up with all the energy required for the Afternoon challenges ahead.
Snack plates are a passion of hours and we love only one thing more than making them, that's eating them. Nothing better than cocktails and debrief with a snack plate on the GBR.
Like wise, the seafood platters are to die for when undertaking a reef trip, being able to shell prawns, crabs, crayfish and oysters then watch the local reef fish pick the shell off the surface is a never to be forgotten experience. These are great for cocktails and debrief but are also a suitable dinner option.

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